Products & Equipment

Pools By You has an amazing array of swimming pool products and equipment in its retail store in Granada Hills to help you keep your pool sparkling clear and enjoyable year-round.  But also check out our extensive, Digital Product & Fun Guide right here to view everything from special offers to maintenance chemicals to pool equipment to recreational products.

Pools By You is a proud, authorized dealer for the industry’s top manufacturers of swimming pool filtration equipment, such as Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy, to name just a few.  We know the importance of keeping a swimming pool clean and clear and it all starts with the right filtration equipment.

Our knowledgeable staff is well informed on the industry’s leading products and can set you up with the right equipment for your specific swimming pool.  With the proper equipment selection, we can even help you save on your electric bills and help you get an energy conservation rebate of up to $1,000 from your electric company in California.

If you are in need of new equipment for your swimming pool, you have found the perfect place to satisfy your needs. Here is a list of what we specialize in:

  • CheckGreen Energy efficient pool pumps, including the new variable speed pumps
  • CheckGreen Swimming pool cartridge and DE filters
  • CheckGreen Swimming pool heaters
  • CheckGreen Salt systems
  • CheckGreen Automation and remote systems
  • CheckGreen Valves (backwash, check, and 3-way)
  • CheckGreen Automatic swimming pool cleaners
  • CheckGreen Recreational equipment
  • CheckGreen Wide variety of cleaning equipment


See the attached digital catalogue of more products and recreational items.  Contact us for ALL of your swimming pool needs and check out the energy conservation rebate.

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